Sussex Grand Prix

As you may or may not know, Crawley Saints and Sinners joined the Sussex Grand Prix (SGP) in 2017, in addition to the West Sussex Fun Run League (WSFRL). 

We had a great 1st year with many of our runners winning awards for their efforts and I personally would like to congratulate not only them but everyone that took part last year.

The League

The SGP is slightly different to the WSFRL in that it is a set of predominately road based races generally at 10km distance with some being 10 miles or half marathons.  They are also different to the WSFRL in that they are races which are on the general running websites and you are possibly already signed up to some this year.

In total there are 10 races throughout the year starting with the Hastings Half Marathon on Sunday 18th March and concluding with the Crowborough 10km on Sunday 25th November.  The full race calendar can found here and I will also send reminders whenever there is a race coming up.

The Club

This is a great way to represent the club whether you're a seasoned runner, consider yourself a slower runner or just want to set yourself some running goals. Whenever possible we'll car share and meet at the start so you'll never have the worry that you'll turn up and not know anyone.

How Do I Get Involved?

It is all quite straightforward; you just need to sign up for the races via the entry websites and ensure that you put down Crawley Saints and Sinners as your affiliated club.  Then once registered you just need to let me know so that I can perform the administration. 

The one small caveat is that to put S&S down as your affiliated club means you do need to be UKA affiliated, this costs £15.00 for the year but if you do a handful of races you will break-even due to the discount you receive when entering these races and others as an affiliated club member. Please contact Tracey on for more information or to sign up.

My Role (Cara Law SGP Rep)

I am the SGP representative for the club and therefore will be sending out communications promoting the league, highlighting up and coming races and writing reports via email and our Facebook page.

In addition I will need to work with you to ensure I know who entered/completed each race so that I can supply the relevant information to the SGP league.  Just so you don't think I'm being intrusive, I will need to ensure I have your date of birth so that your scoring and placing is put in the right age category. 

How Do I Score Points?

Taking part in just one, or many races is fine because primarily we are members of a running club so we can regularly run, improve our running and enjoy spending time with fellow runners.  However, for those who like the competitive aspect, scoring is awarded based on your finishing position e.g. 1st place scores 500 points, 2nd place 499 and so on.  The scoring for males and females is separated. Each runner's points total is obtained from their best 6 scoring races throughout the year.

Rounding Up

Overall our goal is to get as many UKA affiliated club members as we can to run at least 6 races each from the calendar to enable us to score points and see where we finish in the league.

We are very successful in the WSFRL so lets try and finish as high up the SGP league table as we can this year too.

For races and any other information regarding the SGP you can either contact me on or visit the website